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FIL: Estonian luge federation celebrates comeback with talented athletes

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Estonian luge federation celebrates comeback with talented athletes.

Tallinn, Estonia (FIL/07 May 2024) The sport of luge in Estonia is currently experiencing a comeback after a long break since 1998. The small country in the Baltic States is once again making its presence felt on the international luge stage. Under the leadership of Darta Zunte, a skeleton athlete of Estonian origin, the association is experiencing an upswing.

Estonia Luge

The history of luge in Estonia dates back to 1980, but from 1998 to 2022 the sport experienced a period without active participation in international championships. In the years before that, especially between 1980 and 1998, luge in Estonia flourished with teams and successful lugers. An outstanding success was achieved at the 1996 European Championships in Sigulda, Latvia, when the Estonian Double finished eighth. Estonian female and male luge athletes also took part in the 1994 and 1998 Olympic Games.

Rodel Estland

The revival of the federation is due to the initiative of Darta Zunte, who is supported by two young talents, Emma Triin Seer and Katariina Theresa Tomingas. With the support of association president Rein Esaul, a long-standing sports official and former luger, the team is working hard to rebuild the sport of luge in Estonia.

In October 2023, two promising young athletes, 20-year-old Emma Triin Seer, a former track and field athlete and student at the Estonian Aviation Academy, and 18-year-old high school student Katariina Theresa Tomingas, took up the sport of luge. Both girls fathers were former lugers in Doubles.

Estonia Luge

With these talented athletes and the commitment of the Estonian Luge Federation, luge has a promising future in Estonia. The association strives to represent the Estonian colors on an international level and inspire a new generation of luge enthusiasts in the country.

“The enthusiasm of those involved is great and that is the most important thing for us. We have already been able to train with the FIL training group. Unfortunately, our financial resources are limited, and we can’t train as much as we need to,” reports Darta Zunte.

Both young ladies can be satisfied with their development in their first year. Emma Triin was able to complete 152 training rides and has already made good progress. The plans are ambitious. “In the coming season, we hope to be accepted into the FIL group. We want Emma Triin Seer to take part in the EBERSPAECHER World Cups and, in the longer term, we want Estonia to be represented at the Olympic Games and we are doing everything we can to make sledding in Estonia more attractive so that at least 15 athletes will be taking part in the Estonian Championships by 2030,” says Rein Essaul, the President of the Estonian Federation.

Rodelverband Estland

He sees great opportunities for luge in Estonia: “Thanks to our good neighbors, the Latvians, the luge track in Sigulda is our home track and only 160 km away from Tõrva.” 

So Estonian luge is back. FIL President Einars Fogelis is delighted: “We are very happy about the comeback of our sports friends from Estonia and wish them all the best and many successes for the athletes.”

photos: Mareks Galinovskis

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